Doris Preucil’s love for chamber music began as a young child when she was immersed in a musical home life, playing simple duets with her father and soon conquering Haydn string quartets as a teen. This initial exposure influenced her to raise her own children in a similar manner, sharing such musical passion with William Jr, Walter, Anne, Jeanne, and now nine grandchildren. Seeing the value of chamber music, she worked tirelessly to establish a comprehensive chamber music program at the Preucil School of Music(Iowa). The curriculum began with one quartet and now serves over eighty students. Through Doris’ vision, students experience not only the joy of chamber music, but also gain important life skills of collaboration and negotiation. In addition to her chamber work, Doris is a well-known violin and viola pedagogue in the Suzuki method of instruction. Her leadership skills have shaped the development of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, International Suzuki Association, ACMP, and influenced standards of excellence in the National Guild of Community Schools. Doris’ active teaching career spans over sixty years and has resulted in award-winning students, professional musicians, and lovers of music in general. Doris and her husband William Sr, continue to champion the power of chamber music through community performances proclaiming, “Work to be the best you can be. Respect the abilities of others. Believe in yourself. Be grateful to be able to share the transcendental beauty of music with others.”