Sing for the Planet! Make Your Voice Heard at COP26.

The Climate Emergency means we need to make our voices heard. We’ve marched, we’ve voted, we’ve petitioned, now we are going to sing, and sing in one large choir, the #HouseOnFireChoir with A Passion for the Planet: Join in singing for the UN Climate Summit. You will be part of the finale of the COP26 on-line performance of Geoffrey Hudson’s A Passion for the Planet.

Record yourself, your friends, your family or your local singing group, and send us your performance, and we’ll (literally) bring your voices to Glasgow, Scotland this November! The deadline for sending in your performance is October 11th.. Explore this website for more details on how to participate.

Four Goals for COP 26

1. Keep 1.5 degrees within reach

2. Protect communities and natural habitats

3. Mobilize finance

4. Work together.

Negotiators from all over the world will be in Glasgow to solve the Climate Crisis. They need to be brave, they need to be bold. They need to hear one another and work together.

And they need to hear from us:

Let’s show them teamwork. Let’s come together and sing with one voice in the #HouseOnFireChoir:

We’ll raise our voices together to inspire the delegates by singing one big tune–the finale of Geoffrey Hudson’s eco-oratorio A Passion for the Planet,

How to Record Yourself

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

(Even if you do not read music, you’ll want the words.)

2. Sing through it a few times with this guide track.

There’s a short intro that asks you to clap twice; this will help us synch up the videos. Then the orchestra plays through the tune once as an introduction; you’ll start singing around 01:25.

When you feel comfortable singing the tune, you’re ready to record!

3. You’ll need two devices to record yourself: one device for watching the video of the guide track and another device to record your performance. You can use any combination of a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, and/or a smartphone. You will need to wear headphones so that you can listen to the guide track while singing but only your voice is recorded. You can use wired or wireless headphones. [If you’re recording with a group of people, one person should be watching/listening to the guide track. The rest of the group watches that person to stay together with the guide track.]

4. See these tips on filming at home.

5. When you’re ready to record, turn on your camera; then turn on the video of the live recording. Don’t forget to clap together with the intro before you start singing. [If you’re recording with a group of people, only the leader needs to clap with the guide track.] With 600+ people singing, the guide track’s tempo isn’t always steady. Don’t worry too much about that. Just sing along as best you can and don’t stress about being perfect!

6. When the piece ends, wait for at least four seconds before stopping your camera. Save the video.

7. To upload the file, please use this google form.

8. The deadline for submitting your recording is Monday, October 11, 2021.

9. If you have questions, please contact us at