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The Quartet Project

The Quartet Project is a six-volume collection of graduated string quartets by composer Geoffrey

Hudson.  Modeled on Béla Bartók’s Mikrokosmos, the Quartet Project aims to create a significant addition

to the string quartet literature by introducing contemporary music into the repertoire of musicians of all ages

from the outset of their chamber music studies.

The Quartet Project encompasses the

commissioning, workshop-testing, and

publication of approximately 3 ½ hours of

new music for string quartet. To date,

Geoffrey Hudson has composed more than 100 miniature quartet movements,

most of which have been tested already by young quartets in workshops

across the United States. More than 50 young quartets have played Quartet

Project music in the last year.

Publication of the full collection—120 miniatures plus six full-length string

quartets—is slated for 2012.

International response to the Quartet Project has been enthusiastic. Click

here to see what people are saying.


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